Plainfield Historical Society
P.O. Box 283
Plainfield, VT 05667


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The Plainfield Historical Society is a 501(c)3 non-pprofit organization of volunteers who have a common interest in the history of Plainfield, VT. Our mission is to discover, collect, and preserve materials and artifacts that establish or illustrate the history of Plainfield, Vermont and the surrounding area.

We work to make our collections available to the public. We have several publications about Plainfield's history. The most popular is our annual calendar. It is full of historical photographs and information about Plainfield. (Publications are available here)

If you are interested in an overview of Plainfield's history, one is available here.

Over the years, we have pursued our goal to educate the public in different aspects of Plainfield's history. We have put some of this material in our media library. (The Media Library is available here)

Our Annual Meetings are open to the public and focus on an aspect of Plainfield's history. We also participate in other events such as Plainfield Old Home Day. On occasion, we also display portions of our collections in local venues. (See a full list of events here)

Our collections include thousands of historical photographs and hundreds of artifacts all illustrating life, homes and businesses in Plainfield over hundreds of years. (Information on our collections can be found here)



Plainfield, c. 1950 (from "Plainfield, VT A Pictorial History")