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About The Plainfield Historical Society


The Plainfield Historical Society is a group of volunteers who share an interest in Plainfield's history. We generate several publications, notably our annual calendar. We are always trying to add to our collections and preserve the items we already have. We participate in events in Plainfield and other areas of Vermont.

If you are interested in volunteering, send us an email at
All we ask is that you bring an interest in Plainfield's history and be willing to help out from time to time.

The Society depends on donations of photographs and artifacts to expand our collections. We are also grateful for monetary donations. Although most of the items in our collections are donated, we do, on occasion, purchase items we consider to be significant to Plainfield's history.



Plainfield Inn, c. 1940
(from the 2015 Annual Calendar)

The Historical Society will work to educate the people of Plainfield, Vermont, and the surrounding area about the history of the area and its people. To support these educational services, the Historical Society will collect, and preserve materials and artifacts that establish or illustrate the history of Plainfield, Vermont, and the surrounding area.


Board of Trustees

President - Susan Grimaldi

Vice President - Melinda Vieux

Treasurer - Beverly Thomas

Secretary - Bob Fancher

Trustee - Dave Ferland

Trustee - Kathy Fancher

Trustee - Kathy Perry


Plainfield Village School, 1926 (from the 2015 Annual Calendar)