Plainfield Historical Society
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Plainfield, VT 05667

The Society meets the first Wednesday of every month at 7:00 PM in the Cutler Memorial Library in Plainfield.
All are welcome.


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Plainfield Historical Society Annual Meeting

Each year, the Plainfield Historical Society invites the public to our Annual Meeting. Each Annual Meeting, we focus on a different topic.


The 2017 DecemberAnnual Meeting


The 2016 Annual Meeting was a very well attended presentation by Frank J. Barrett, Jr., A.I.A. about Vermont's railroads. The first half of the program covered the development of railroads in Vermont including the political, financial and geographic issues that shaped them. The second half covered the Montpelier & Wells River Railroad that served Plainfield. The presentation included a virtual ride (in photographs) from Montpelier to Wells River.

The slides of the presentation are available for viewing:
Part I - The Politics, Economics, and Technology of Early Railroad Development in VT 1825 to 1855

Part II - The Montpelier & Wells River Railroad 1867 to 1956


Plainfield Old Home Day(s)

Each year, in September, the Plainfield Historical Society participates in Plainfield's Old Home Day(s). For 2016, the Society presented "The History of Plainfield". This event used slides of historical Plainfield photos and was narrated by Susan Ross Grimaldi. Susan described the development of Plainfield from the time of the Native Americans through 1950.

Also, the Society had the exhibit "On the Rails: A History of the Montpelier & Wells River Railroad in Plainfield" in the Town Hall. You can view a sample of the exhibit here.


In 2015, the Society hosted the presentation, "The History of Plainfield". The success of the event was underscored when Susan was asked to repeat her presentation for participants in the fall foliage tour.


Vermont History Expo

Vermont History Expo takes place every other year—the next event will be Expo 2018 at the Tunbridge World's Fairgrounds, Tunbridge, Vermont. The Plainfield Historical Society will be there again. Check back here for more details as they become available. Information about the Expo is also available on the Vermont Historical Society website.


For Expo 2016, the Plainfield Historical Society had our popular display of "On the Rails: A History of the Montpelier & Wells River Railroad in Plainfield". You can view a sample of the exhibit here.


For other Vermont History events, go to the Vermont Historical Society website.


Heating Oil Delivery, c. 1925 (from the 2015 Annual Calendar)