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This Old Barn - Vermont
The oldest barn in Marshfield, Vermont is from 1792 and is at the Hollister Hill Farm. In 2022 two historic barn and timber frame experts, Jan Lewandoski and Hunter Jack, gave the grand tour.View


1929 Warning! from Sylvia Bliss
A written warning from Sylvia Bliss, poet and author, from Plainfield in 1929 about our stewardship of the environment. View


Plainfield Opera House History
An interview with Dave Strong and Tom Blachly about the history of the Plainfield Opera House. It is part of the University of Vermont Extension program "Across the Fence." This episode aired on March 29, 2019 View


Plainfield Remembered
Stories of Growing Up In Vermont in the 1940's. Roundtable discussion with some great stories of Plainfield. View


Past Calendars
Photographs that were in some of our past calendars. View


The Plainfield Vermont Song
A Plainfield tradition, The Plainfield, Vermont Song is an interesting and fun look at Plainfield. Written and performed by Ben Koenig. Listen


On the Rails: A History of the Montpelier & Wells River Railroad in Plainfield

This photographic display was presented at the 2016 Vermont History Fair and the 2016 Plainfield Old Home Days. Here are photos of the display and close-ups of some of the photos and descriptions. View


The Politics, Economics, and Technology of Early Railroad Development in Vermont and the Montpelier & Wells River Railroad
An excellent presentation by Frank J. Barrett, Jr. from the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Society. Part I, The Politics, Economics, and Technology of Early Railroad Development in VT 1825 to 1855. Part II, The Montpelier & Wells River Railroad 1867 to 1956

View the video     View the slides :  Part I   Part II


Exhibit at the Blinking Light Gallery

In September 2014, the Society presented an exhibit of some of our items from Plainfield's history. The exhibit was hosted at the former Blinking Light Gallery in Plainfield. View